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Forever Singing

Growing up in the family run garden centre allowed me precious time to be surrounded by family, especially my Grandparents.  I cherished this time and from those memories these florals are born.  These pieces begin with natural items laid over the canvas to create a stencil.  Spray paint is then used to create a soft out of focus background, reminiscent of dreams and memories, the detailed floral is then painted over top.

The Finale

Each sunset is inspired from time spent in the Provincial Parks throughout Ontario.  A few of my favourite are Lake Superior, Sleeping Giant and Restoule Provincial Park. The image is first painted in black and white, once complete a thin layer of colour is applied over top, capturing the highlights and shadows from beneath.

Deep In The Forest

Deep within the forest or along the path less travelled are where I find inspiration for these pieces.  Nothing represents Canada more then a close-up of some of Mather's Nature's simplest botanicals.

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