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Artist and nature enthusiast Leah Olsen-Kent uses oil paint as a medium to explore the simplicity and beauty of nature.

From wildlife to landscapes, Leah is always searching for those quiet moments to capture, to create a moment frozen in time. Leah explores detail and contrast through a minimal colour palette, appreciating the light and dark and all the tonal variations in between.

Living in Cambridge, Ontario, has allowed Leah the opportunity to be close to numerous trails, parks and campgrounds and to have a seasonal outdoor studio from Spring through to Fall. Studying at NSCAD in Halifax, Nova Scotia and OCAD in Toronto, Ontario pushed Leah’s boundaries to explore drawing, silk screening, sculpture and photography, but Leah’s heart ultimately lies in painting and expressing her passion through brushstrokes. Leah is an ongoing member of the online Mastrius Mentorship Group where she is continually learning from other professional and emerging artists.

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